How much are your ads worth to you?

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How Paching works

Give us your app's ads cost per click, we give you the revenue per app.
Create and list app Ads in Paching
Drop a snipped of code in your app
See which ads deliver you real revenue
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  • Step 1 Register App

    Let Paching know about your app and the adverts you would like to run.

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  • Step 2 Connect Domain

    Connect a domain of your choice to manage all ad redirects

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  • Step 3 Simple Integration

    Add a small piece of code into your app to link back to our ad platform

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  • Step 4 Place Ads

    Use your new links to send people through packing

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  • Step 5 Matchmake Data and Users

    Add our data to your new user profiles leaving the power in your hands

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Our Insights

Valuable Users

Where your valuable users are coming from? When are they connecting? And what makes them tick?

How Long?

How long does it take specific users to make a purchase? Now you can plan, rather than react to users.


Compare ad strategies and user value. Finally understand at a glance the value of social networks to your bottom line.